About us

AKCAN FLOUR factory, which was established in 2015, continues its activities as a flour manufacturing factory in an area of ​​ square meters in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone. Our factory has the capacity to stock 32,000 tons of wheat and produce 500 tons of flour per day.

Our Mission

In the light of pioneering new ideas, initiatives and opportunities, it is our priority to protect the natural resources of our country and to respond to the demands of the consumer and to meet the changing dynamics of the sector.

We promise you the best

The main focus of the products targeted to meet expectations in flavor at an affordable cost to the supplier to deliver the AKCAN FLOUR Turkey’s leading food manufacturers, supply the bakeries and wholesale distributors.

Our priority is our customers

AKCAN FLOUR has an advanced supply chain in order to respond to the demands of its customers in a timely and fast manner.

Overseas market search

AKCAN FLOUR has started to search for foreign markets that are suitable for the quality of its product range as of 2020.
Our aim is to provide foreign currency inflow to our country by bringing different parts of the world together with AKCAN FLOUR quality.