About us

AKCAN FLOUR factory, which was established in 2015, continues its activities as a flour manufacturing factory in an area of ​​18.ooo square meters in Mardin Organized Industrial Zone. Our factory has the capacity to stock 32,000 tons of wheat and produce 500 tons of flour per day.
As AKCAN UN factory, our goal is to provide sustainability with our service and quality without sacrificing product reliability by keeping our field of activity up-to-date and active with our technological infrastructure, which we have updated with Industry 4.0.
AKCAN UN, which enriches its product range with the understanding of continuous innovation,
Germ, Rye, Oats, Cereal, Sunflower Seeds and Whole Wheat, which are put into use in the bread flour market through brands such as MASET, MİRBEG, AKCANLAR FLOUR, BERRUT FLOUR, EBYAD FLOUR, LEZAZ FLOUR, BARAKAT AL RAHMAN, NUR MELİKE FLOUR, ROJ FLOUR, ODABAŞ FLOUR With its flour, it gained the appreciation of its customers and took its place in the first place in the preference of bread flour.
AKCAN UN, which has also received Halal Food Certificate as of 2018, on its way out with the mission of producing the highest quality and healthiest wheat flour, produces in accordance with the Quality and Food Safety Management Systems (ISO 9001: 2008 and ISO 22000) approved by the Turkish Standards Institute. .
AKCAN UN continues to produce with the excitement of the first day without compromising its quality.